At Sembo, we offer our customers to book two one-way tickets in one booking.
Booking two one-way tickets may give you more flexibility and can be cheaper (depending on your specific itinerary) but there are things to consider when choosing two one-way tickets instead of a round-trip. When you have booked two one-way tickets, your tickets are handled independently of each other, meaning that:
  • If an involuntary change or cancellation occurs of one of your tickets, your other ticket will not be affected as this will be a completely separate contract, hence any change or cancellation of that other ticket will be regarded as voluntary, and ticket rules will apply. Therefore, e.g. if your outbound ticket were cancelled, and the airline offers a refund for that ticket, you wouldn't be entitled to any refund of your inbound ticket if it operates normally.
  • In case of voluntary changes of both of your tickets, you will have to pay double the change fees, as charges are per ticket.

Whether a ticket is two one-way trips or a return ticket is shown on the booking page where you choose the flights.